Meet Jacqui

Jacqui SimpsonI present myself to you as a divine channel of healing energies, teacher of sacred lessons, mystic medium  and spiritual leader.  I have been abundantly blessed with a loving marriage to Tom, a wonderfully enlightened man, two sons and two daughters, (now grown), two grandchildren, a daughter-in-law, two grand pups and many caring friends. My business resume includes working as a recruiter, event planner  and founding a non-profit charitable organization for children in emergency need.

In 2007, a chance meeting with a mystic medium rekindled my knowledge of a higher purpose as a healer.  Having launched the last child into the world,  I  was able to devote my attention  to clearing my  own childhood traumas and  studying for my  next adventurous life journey.

Over the years, I have been told by Mystic Mediums and astrologers  that I am destined to be an extremely powerful healer.   As instructed, I studied many modalities of energetic and spiritual therapies. I became certified in Advanced Level Esoteric Colour Prana Healing, Reiki III Master and Teacher, The Emotion Code, Ho’oponopono, The Science of Complimentary Healing,  Pranic Blessings, Psychic Defense,  Emotional Freedom Techniques, Quantum Touch  and a certified Spiritual Healer.

By integrating these methods,  I developed a personalized, Spiritually Guided modality, which I named, Peace Filled Healing.

I studied Eastern spiritual and medical practices while living in Singapore in 2009 and 2010.  I have traveled to  42 countries, including: Cambodia, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, many countries in Europe and my personal favorite, India.  Each of the four times I traveled within India I studied with the Brahmin Priest and Auvedic doctors. I now facilitate spiritual and cultural retreats to this amazing country.

I have seen visions in my meditations and during my dream time of crowds of people standing before me being healed quickly and painlessly. I am traveling across the nation and around the planet, humbly serving as a vessel for the Angels and Spirit Beings to pour forth their blessings upon the people, animals and Mother Earth.

All of these travels, visions and studies  have taught me one profound truth; I am an Angel of Peace answering to the Divine Guidance which elevates me to serve my  highest purpose; helping all of humanity live a life of love and peace.

Infinite Love and Gratitude…Jacqui Simpson


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Audio Meditation

These free guided meditation for Spiritual & Physical Healing are geared toward your particular needs. Each guided meditation is 20 to 40 minutes long and should not be listened to during driving or any activity which requires your attention. Physical healing starts as soon as you relax on a comfy chair, bed or mat. Spiritual guidance progresses as you allow your inner wisdom to reach beyond the physical body to enjoy this experience. A few minutes of meditation each day will reduce your overall stress….so enjoy!