Embrace energy healing as a pathway to wellness and learn how to heal the energy that is blocked or confused in your body.

Invisible energy is all around us in the form of radio waves and the pull of a magnet. Your material body is supported by a vast energy field, which constantly shifts and moves.

A body needs a clean, continuous flow of balanced energy to be healthy and to thrive. Through step-by-step guidance, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice, you will begin to feel the unseen energy running through and swirling around your body, re-balance the energy for greater health, and understand about energy centers (chakras) and how color affects mood and happiness.

If signing up for Energy Healing: Beginners and Energy Healing: Intermediate, participants can receive a bundle price of $279. See Energy Healing: (Reiki) Bundle listing too!

Who should attend an Energy Healing Class?

This class series is for everyone who desires a deeper connection to themselves and others around them, as well as, those who desire to make a career of the healing arts!  Reminder…this class also offers Continuing Education Credits for Therapeutic Massage and Body workers!

Winter 2018 Class Series currently being offered includes:

UNLV Classes & Bundle:

Your Instructor, Jacqui Simpson, is a divine channel of Heavenly Chi, teacher of sacred lessons and a spiritual leader. She studied many modalities of energetic and spiritual therapies; becoming certified in Advanced Level Esoteric Colour Prana Healing, The Emotion Code,  The Science of Complimentary Healing, Pranic Blessings, Ho’oponopono ,Psychic Defense, Emotional Freedom Techniques,  Reiki III Master and Teacher ,Quantum Touch, Calling to Quan Yin Healing,  and became a  certified Spiritual Healer.

Jacqui studied Eastern spiritual and medical practices while living in Singapore in 2009 and 2010, as well as, studying with the Brahmin Priest and Auvedic doctors in India, during her many visits to that amazing country.

Jacqui happily proclaims, “All of these travels, visions and studies have taught me one profound truth; I am an Angel of Peace answering to the Divine Guidance which elevates me to serve my highest purpose; helping all of humanity live a life of love and peace.”

Increase your depth of understanding and power of healing with Esoteric Colour Prana Course, coming to you in the Autumn of 2018.