Manifest Your Destiny for Heart-Centered Women … a spiritually guided system for women to transform your life, as you heal your past…clarify your present and… manifest your future.  

If you are a heart centered woman, but you find yourself feeling emotionally depleted or spiritually confused, it can be extremely frustrating, even discouraging.  Perhaps you feel stuck, like something is calling you to a higher purpose, but you have no idea how to reach it.

The best way to end this struggle is to release the anchors and embrace your gifts. The most powerful transformations combine the science of energy healing with the loving guidance from spirit, which can  set you free to enjoy a fulfilling career, loving relationships and vibrant health.

This is why I created Manifest Your Destiny!

With this system you will discover:

  • 5 simple steps to discard limiting beliefs to unlock your greatest potential for money, relationships, and health
  • Dynamic techniques to open your heart so you can give and receive love
  • Easy methods to release old traumas so you feel fully alive
  • Learn about your Spiritual gifts and how to enjoy them…every day

Through private healings, step-by-step lessons and gathering with like-hearted women during value packed webinars, Manifest Your Destiny for Heart-Centered Women, will bring you from frustration and confusion to a life filled with blessed relationships, clarity and abundance.

In Manifest Your Destiny for Heart-Centered Women, you will receive:

  • 2-private personalized one-on-one sessions
  • 7-weekly ZOOM group calls (Recorded and available for replay!)
  • Private Facebook Group to share your journey in fellowship with like hearted women.
  • Weekly with support audios in alignment with your progress (emailed)

 When YOU SIGN UP enjoy these FREE BONUSES:

  • Each week a handpicked free audio lesson will be gifted to you until the program begins. This will jump start your clarity and enhance your journey.
  • Sacred Lessons! Online personalized teachings:

Stop suffering with emotional conflict and spiritual disconnection! Schedule a 30-Minute Discovery Session today and immediately receive the value packed audio bonuses! We’ll schedule your first private session as soon as you conclude your Free 30-Minutes!

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“I was trapped in an unloving marriage and an exhausting job…Jacqui released me from my past drama and now, I am married to my true love… and have our own thriving business”    …. Sandy