Are you looking to elevate your Spiritual vibration?

Do you feel gladness well up within you, as you image yourself being emotionally fulfilled and spiritually connected? 

Spirituality & love lead you to your Truth and connect you with PEACE!

Which is why I offer you this Peace-Filled Group Healing.

You will relax in meditation with other heart-centered seeker of light, while I call on your
spirit guides & angels to:

1) Release old mental tapes that block your clarity
2) Pull out trapped emotions, which keep you anchored to the past… even past lives.
3) Elevate your light to dispel limiting beliefs
4 ) Fill the spaces with Divine White Light!

I combine the science of numerous energy healing methods, with the guidance of your individual spiritual signature for your best outcome of health and JOY!

This is a special treat for you & your friends, because in February and April, this Peace Filled Group Healing is my gift to each of you!

Join me at:
8450 W Sahara Ave, Suite 109
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Please arrive a few minutes early to register and get settled.

Take this sacred opportunity to elevate your spiritual vibration to find your JOY!  

  • February 25th at 2 pm “ Experience your God  Energy”
  • April 8th  at 11 am “Rise Above your Childhood”

Class Fee: You have a full scholarship for February and April   (a $57 value.)