If you are a Heart-Centered Woman, who feels a bit spiritually stagnant or emotionally drained, it can be discouraging.

The best way to end this struggle is to release the anchors and embrace your gifts.  The transformation from stagnant to dynamic will help you find peace and clarity. So, you feel joyous walking your path in your career, relationships and health.

That is why we created this Quantum Transformations retreat!

With this retreat you will discover:

  • How to open your spiritual pathways for truth, peace and clarity!
  • Health for your body, mind and emotions, as you are infused with divine love and celestial light!
  • The 3 secrets to manifesting an Open Heart with  New Energy!
  • Crystal bowls, crystal skulls and local gurus!
  • Your Ascended Masters and Your Personal Messages!
  • Why Mt. Shasta is revered as an “ultimate level” holy land!
  • How to heal your past to be able to LOVE your now, without years of therapy!

You will be gathering with women who “speak your language” and through divinely guided healing, step-by-step lessons, local gurus and numerous sacred events, Quantum Transformations come alive during this retreat. You can evolve from frustrated to a life filled with blessed relationships, clarity and abundance.

Stop suffering with emotional stagnation and spiritual disconnection.  It is time to end the struggle, because now is the time for spiritual wisdom to transform your life.

Transform your life!  For more information regarding our upcoming Mt. Shasta Retreat contact The Healing Trinity at ClientCare@TheHealingTrinity.com

Take a peek at this spectacular SAMPLE Itinerary!

Day 1:

Your day is filled with spiritual enlightenment, as you enjoy the sacred space of Mt. Shasta.  The  drive is wondrous, with a very short walk along the path.  The elders of the Native Americans who protect the natural wonders of Mount Shasta will allow us to hold a sacred ceremony, complete with meditation and a picnic lunch on the mountain.  The exact spot is determined by their Great Spirit Guidance, specifically chosen for you and our group.  They may welcome you to ignite your spirituality at Ascension Rock, Salt Flats, or even Panther Meadows.

Mother Nature offers you the solitude to look deeply into your inner being to set the intentions for this time of Healing and Sacred Lessons. This allows you  time and space to decide which practices, experiences and even people you wish to purge from your active life. Once YOU  set the intention to “release now!”, the action of releasing becomes easier and cleaner.

Your meditation and sacred lessons will include the teachings of Master St. Germain. You will learn to practice the most modern I AM modality of manifestation. Then  you discover the extreme invocation to light  the Violet Flame.   Wow! Your experience a grand crescendo with the most powerful practice given to us by this ascended master… The Golden Acceleration Chair.

Day 2:

Your day is filled with Discoveries!  Many local gurus have invited you to “listen at their feet”, so you can experience the beautiful wonders of the mountain.  Dianne Robbins will thrill you with her recollections of speaking to the Ascended master, Adama, which gave her the step-by-step instructions on ascension.

Do you enjoy Mother Nature? Wonderful…. your next magical adventure is to Gateway to Peace Gardens.  You will feel the strong elemental energy in this protected space. The beautiful gardens show you the natural progression from seed to fruition, exactly what  you are developing in your life to create alignment with humanity & spirit.  Your invited into the sacred altars of the divine Mothers to be wrapped in cloaks of LOVE.  As you walk the labyrinth, your old cares will fall away and new wonders are revealed… about your path.    The recently revealed teachings of Quan Yin are explained to you , as you  sit in her outdoor sanctuary. A hint….. they are all about your  gifts to the universe.

Drink up!  You will be pleasantly surprised by the clean, crisp, PURE water…right in Mt. Shasta Park. The water in your jug, has not been touched by human hands , as it has cascaded within the mountain for millions of years. You will be drinking from the same water source, which has been embraced as a deeply spiritual and vibrational healing tool by the Native Americans.

Beverly Ann Wilson, the renown Crystal Bowl Master Alchemist, will present you with a crystal bowl concert perfectly created for your  vibrational signature.   You will experience the  hundreds of bowls, created from crystals, sacred metals and gemstones.  Your concert of crystal bowls will provide you with  transformational sound therapy.

Day 3:

Your day of  Quantum Transformations through Divinely Guided Healings.  The entire day is devoted to healing your body to give you comfort… your mind to give you clarity… your emotions to give you JOY!  It will allow your soul to sing with the angels!

You will  start with a meditation at McCloud Falls, where the waters cascade from the mountain, thru the falls to settle in Shasta Lake.   You will discover the healing energies of this magical area, as the trees, waters and elementals (fairies? water nymphs? rock people?) converge into a beautiful, playful energy.

You relax in a comfortable chair within our sanctuary in McCloud, as I call forward your spiritual guides, angels and Mother-Father God to create an in-depth healing session in perfect alignment with your highest level of health & happiness.

Based on the instructions of  Kryon , John of God and Ascended Master St. Germain, your DNA will be directing into its newest pattern of health.   Your healing will open you to go deeply, as you  adjust inner segments of details in the physical, mental, emotional bodies, as well as your  life path for your best & highest good.   In order for you to embrace your  “soul surgery” you require relaxation and a bit of solitude, so you are perfectly attuned to the pace of Mt. Shasta.

Day 4:

Enjoy yourself, as you evolve!  Stewart Mineral Springs, invites you to enjoy life!  These ancient sacred springs, gifts you with healing waters which are high in nutrient based minerals.   You enjoy a very warm soak in your private tub, followed by a relaxing wood burning sauna, finished off by a cold plunge.  You repeat this magical formula 3 times before lunch. Would you like to complete the process with a full body massage? It’s available too!  As you wander around the park you will visit acres of beautiful nature, including a wild river which runs through the property.

Spring FORWARD… yes, the afternoon is for Self-Empowerment!  You may have heard these words and perhaps misconstrued them to mean, self-control or denial of your wants and joys. Self Empowerment (at its best!) is your most powerful intention, enhanced with the skillfully applied tools to increase your own self-awareness and self JOY!

You will learn to recognize what you truly desire by focusing on your inner wisdom, away from the opinion & judgment of others. Once your wisdom declares the path for your best and highest good,  you are given tools of self-empowerment to manifest those desires.  Do you want a healthier body, filled with vibrancy and beauty? Do you desire greater financial abundance? Does your inner wisdom call forth for the changes in relationships, that will bring you freedom & happiness?

You can do it…..all!

Your  template of happiness is highly personal and yet, also universal. Your exact path is different from mine, however, the basic components are the same. By embracing the basics and enriching them with your innate wisdom; you create your own earthly paradise.