I became interested in Reiki, so I began considering a class in Reiki to learn what it was all about. I starting searching Las Vegas for the right person for me and I must say, it was daunting. There were many names I did not know and lots of confusing information. Over many months I fine tuned my search to -Reiki for the highest good- and that’s when I found Jacqui and the Healing Trinity. I read she had this business of healing people who needed help. This was a great sign for me as I was not interested in anything dark and mysterious, I wanted something about light and love (like the Holy Trinity). So trusting this intuition, I went to my first Reiki class with Jacqui and I am so happy I did. Jacqui is a loving being of light for sure, calling on Angels and all things positive in her work. I felt her love of others and her love of life in this class. I was inspired by her connectedness to Spirit and her willingness to help while she avoided any kind of criticism or judgement. Since that time, I have continued on with Jacqui and have now become a Reiki Master myself. Reiki has helped me so much, I am forever thankful for being led to Jacqui. She has played an important role in my education, my elevation. Exactly the right person at exactly the right time, Jacqui is wonderful soul that has made a big difference in my life. Love you Jacqui!

Brad L.

My own experience with Jacqui and practicing The Emotion Code has been nothing short of miraculous. I believe EVERYBODY can benefit from clearing past trapped emotions. The medical world is recognizing more and more the effects of emotional well being on physical health. As a qualified Emotion Code Practitioner, Jacqui enables the release of heart walls, trapped emotions, sometimes from generations past, with infinite compassion. Through this amazing therapy, you will feel released and able to live your life with a freer, lighter, more joyful purpose. The further beauty of this Code is that you can learn how to practice it for yourself and help other people too, even animals!

Nikki Danby Twist

Feeling Rejuvenated from the healing I won from The Healing Trinity ! Both John and me got great and needed healing. Thank You Jacqui what a wonderful afternoon! I highly recommend Jacqui she is a master healer and really nice energy to be around!

Jack Schell

I got to love her after a month in India living the journey! I'm still downloading. WoW! What an experience. If you've ever quested to go to India. Jacqui Simpson is your gal. Not kidding. It's all good. More to come when I -we- announce our presentation of the 7 Ladies of Vegas in India! Should be a Hoot!

Valery Brown Godino

Thank you Jacqui beyond measure for teaching me how to allow wealth abundance into my life and the lives of my loved ones and business affiliates! It has changed everything! I no longer worry ...no more poverty consciousness...wealth is flowing to me now and the more abundance I have the more I can help others to achieve it...paying it forward.

Nikki Danby Twist

Jacqui Simpson is an extraordinaire, exemplary Lightworker and Energy Healer whom as a healer, teacher, and mentor is -one of a kind-. I have known Jacqui for about one year. During this past year, Jacqui has provided me with energy healing sessions, complemented with appropriate channeled information, and taken me under her wing to teach and mentor. As a Healer, Jacqui is a loving and compassionate caring -old soul- that innately is fully aware of the total, holistic person she is caring for and assisting back to health. And, her performance in all roles has illustrated proficiency par excellence as she attends to all parameters pertinent to the task at hand be it healing, teaching, or mentoring. Jacqui is totally committed to her -life mission- and goes the -extra mile- to meet the needs of all her clients. She relates exceptionally well with her clients whether as a practitioner, teacher, or mentor with a knack for making herself fully understood. She has proven to be a very responsible and conscientious professional, well educated and versed in all of the fields of her chosen profession. She is continuously taking every opportunity to enhance her overall and comprehensive knowledge by seeking out and traveling world-wide to train with the best teachers and masters currently available, not only for her own enlightenment but also to acquire the latest information for her students. As a Lightworker on a mission to assist Spirit in healing -suffering humanity-, she regularly travels throughout the country and worldwide to fulfill her mission as the healing facilitator that she is. She takes her mission very seriously and gives selflessly of her time to ensure the needs of her clients are fully met, leaving no stone unturned and complying with the guidance given to her in order to meet the full intent of Spirit. Not only is she a truly caring, loving, and compassionate practitioner, teacher, and mentor but a dear friend to all; indeed!

Ric Davila